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Eco terminal

Air activity machine (Ozone Box)

Product Specifications

Product name : Air Acty(ModelAA-T201)

System : Corona discharge double hybrid {UV-CCFL}
method (patented technology)

Ozone generation :0.03ppm Below(15 square meters)

Size : W260×D210×H100(mm)
Weight : 1700g
Body material : Natural wood
Power supply : Japan AC100V(50/60Hz)Overseas AC200V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption : 6W
Target area : 40〜50㎡(Varies depending on indoor environment)
Country of manufacture : Japan
Precautions for use
Before using, check the "Instruction Manual" attached to this product. And use it with correct usage.
After purchase, check that the necessary items are correctly written on the warranty card attached to this product.
If you find any mistakes, please contact the place of purchase immediately.
If there is a mistake in the description, the warranty may not be obtained.

Do not put your fingers or foreign objects into the net outlet of this product. Injury or electric shock, cause a failure.

So as not to touch the infant, please do not put in place out of reach of children. Injury or electric shock, cause a failure.

Do not touch this product or outlet with wet hands. Failure to do so may cause electric shock, short circuit, or failure.
Do not place the product in a humid place, such as a bathroom, or in a place that gets wet.
Failure to do so may cause electric shock, short circuit, or failure.
Avoid use in places with flammable gas. It may cause a fire or explosion.

Microwave oven, please do not use put in a high-pressure vessel.

Failure to do so may cause overheating, fire, or other failures.

Do not give a strong impact. It may cause a failure.
The cartridge needs to be replaced once a year. If you continue to use without the exchange will not be obtained the effect.
If you think there is a malfunction during use, please contact your supplier or distributor
If you think there is a malfunction during use, stop using it immediately.
Then contact your supplier or distributor.
Air activation technology
"Air Acty" uses a unique patented technology.
This system is called 「System called the Corona discharge double hybrid UV-CCFL method」
This product, which generates a large amount of "nuclear molecular oxygen ions", improves the indoor air environment
and delivers healing to the body.
Corona discharge can produce high concentrations of ozone and nitrogen oxides.
It can be used safely for babies, the elderly, and pets with low resistance.
Unprecedented "patent technology for virus removal"
It excels in deodorizing and disinfecting effects, and eliminates the anxious life odor of tobacco, pets, garbage, and toilets.
Due to the results of this effect, it has been well received in public facilities that easily affect the body, such as
hospitals and nursing care facilities.
In addition, it is effective against bacteria and viruses, and is also ideal for mold-producing closets and bathrooms, and for
preventing influenza and norovirus.
Recently, an increasing number of people have allergic reactions to pollen and chemical substances. It removes pollen
and chemicals floating in the air.
Bacterial and fungal growth tests
Fungi and bacteria were confirmed 90 minutes after placing the
culture dish in the room used for the test.
After running our equipment for 3 hours, no bacteria or fungi
were found.
Measurement room: 800 x 500 x 350 (cm)
Evaluation experiment: National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology
Uses and characteristics
Particle size (comparison with hair)
Particle size (comparison with hair)
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