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About OKMR

  The Purpose of Establishment

1. To Establish Open-minded Business Organization, Respecting Culture of Different Countries.

2. To Improve Technology eternally on an Important Mission for Contributing to the Society.

  Philosophy of the company

1. Our company will offer Satisfaction to the customers with Management Resources (Human・Material・Money・Time・Information and Expression of Gratitude) Corresponding Quickly with the Changing of the World

2. The Management will aim to Attain the Goal of the Business and Promote the Employees to be Talented Persons

3. The Employee will Challenge to solve the Various Troubles encountered with Encouragement an Idea and Dreams.

  Management Policy

1. Respect the Quality rather than Quantity, Aim to NO.1 in the Concerning Field with The Technology and the Products of the highest Quality.

2. Share the Result of Work, depending on Ability and Morality

3. Have an Strong Interest in the Natural Resources and Energy Saving and Improvement Production Facilities

  Study and Creation

1. Life Time Study can Enjoy the Creative Life.

2. "Strong Curiosity" and "Passion" makes a Man Young and get new Idea.

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