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1. Factory construction and Facility's improvement and power saving proposals

    and consulting

  • System improvement and maintenance work of factory electrical and Mechanical Facility
  • Fabrication of MCC panel and control panel Engineering and design.
  • sales, of LED (Light Emitting Diode)Lights.
  • sales,Uninterruptive Power Supply (UPS), Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR).

2. Research, development, and sales of environmental devices

  • Temperature, humidity Recorder (おんどとり), and non-contact thermometer and network data logger, etc.
  • Meteorological observation equipment (Weather station), rainfall, and velocity of the wind recorder,
  • Water analyses meter (PH・ORP・EC・TDS・COND) and CO2 density meter and recorder
  • Illumination Facility and Air-conditioning Facility's conservation of energy equipment LEDLight Emitting Diode)sale Development of Solar system and PV panel (CIGS)
  • Physical amount measurement, science study equipment, and various examination equipments


3. Equipment export, import, and sales


  • Export of uninterruptive power supply (UPS), automatic voltage adjustment machine (AVR)
  • Sales of current sensor application product (U-RD) product
  • Sales of voltage, current, electric power Recorder, leak current recorder(MULTI),
    and measurement equipment (MULTI) product
  • Sales of instrumentation output Recorder (MCR-4V), and various measurement equipment,
    Recorders, and Wi-Ff data loggers(TR-71Wf)(TR-72Wf)


4. Factory electrical Facility's Maintenance Technic Education, Guidance, and Measuring     service and Equipment Rentals.


  • Maitenance Technic Education, Training, Guidance,
    and maintenance Staff training service of factory electrical Facility
  • Power Monitoring and Measuring service and Electricity quality analysis service
  • Rentals of Measurement Equipment
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